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Dog Whistles, Whistle-Blowers, and Whistle-Stop Tours

Canine Whistles, Whistle-Blowers, and Whistle-Stop Tours Canine Whistles, Whistle-Blowers, and Whistle-Stop Tours Canine Whistles, Whistle-Blowers, and Whistle-Stop Tours By Mark Nichol A few phrases dependent on the word whistle are related with governmental issues. This post talks about the inceptions and importance of â€Å"dog whistle,† informant, and â€Å"whistle-stop tours.† A pooch whistle is any of different gadgets that radiates a piercing sound perceptible to canines however out of the scope of human hearing that is utilized to prepare and gather hounds. In a political setting, in any case, â€Å"dog whistle† has a disparaging undertone; the similarity is of a word or expression that has a given exacting significance yet in addition has a subtext to it that implies another thing to specific crowds. For instance, in specific settings, the conjuring of the expression â€Å"states’ rights† in attestations of the privilege of states in the United States to decide their own laws and approaches without obstruction from the national government is said to cover implied backing of the propagation of prejudice. In the interim, an informant is somebody who uncovered a mystery or a demonstration of bad behavior at an administration office or in a business or association, with the idea that the individual points out something as though the person in question were an arbitrator at a game making competitors aware of stop play on account of a punishment (or had blown a whistle to gather help in a crisis). Informants, particularly workers who plug an entity’s violations or untrustworthy conduct, have gambled end, prosecution, and dangers of physical damage, and laws have been passed to shield them from such types of revenge. A whistle-stop visit, customarily, is a type of movement where sightseers make numerous concise stops at different destinations; the expression dates from the nineteenth century, when trains were a prevailing method of movement. It is, in any case, likewise connected with political crusades: A train conveying a competitor would end quickly thusly at various modest community stations, and the train’s whistle would caution inhabitants of its appearance, so, all things considered the applicant would give a discourse to the individuals who accumulated. The term is as yet utilized, yet allegorically, to depict a stop, frequently at an open setting, along the battle field at which an up-and-comer will give a discourse and meet supporters. Need to improve your English shortly a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Vocabulary classification, check our well known posts, or pick a related post below:Fly, Flew, (has) FlownFlied?3 Types of HeadingsPersonification versus Humanoid attribution

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Has the raise in the tuition-fees rule affected student’s degree choices Free Essays

Presentation The hidden point of this exploration is to distinguish the effect of the progressions proposed and executed as a feature of Brown Review of Funding, in 2010, and to set up whether this has changed the general financing way to deal with be taken by higher instructive foundations, while additionally supporting the raising of the fees’ top up to a limit of ?9,000. The past most extreme was ?3,375; accordingly, the expansion in education costs was conceivably going to dramatically affect the general attractive quality for advanced education and the degree decisions that are made by understudies. This examination paper expects to discover the choices made by understudies and the effect that these charges have had on the business, all in all. We will compose a custom article test on Has the raise in the education costs rule influenced student’s certificate decisions? or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now Writing Review Issues identifying with the subsidizing approach of instruction, with the expenses charged to understudies seemingly being one of the more prominent components of the arrangement, are numerous and complex. Existing writing here has along these lines taken a gander at different various parts of the subsidizing strategy, which may all be significant with regards to deciding how the understudy body is probably going to respond to the changes, at ground level. Research by Chowdry et al., 2010, proposed that the unpredictability of the reimbursement framework was in itself a possibly negative factor, despite the fact that this created a circumstance whereby the weight of these expanded charges varies, contingent upon fundamental elements among understudies, for example, parental salary and the qualification for awards and credits. Research by Chowdry demonstrated that the normal obligation for understudies when graduating is probably going to be roughly ?59,100. Given this sensational change, it is obvious that there is a generally enormous measure of writing taking a gander at understudy take-up of a college degree, albeit verifiably this has to a great extent been centered around the connections between family foundation and college support. For instance, investigate by Blanden and Machin, in 2004, took a gander at the connection between college support and the accomplishments of understudies, in view of parental pay, both when the year 1998, where withdrawals had dramatically affected the manner by which college life was subsidized. This work was then refreshed in 2008, yet no immediate effect was found, making a hole in the writing. Research around there likewise exists inside the United States, with analysts, for example, Kane, 1994, utilizing changes over the states and inside the states to screen and track understudy interest, in view of education costs. This exploration was attempted in a quantitative design, because an expansion of $1,000 in the education costs being charged could eventually brings about a diminishing in participation of around 3.7%. Other research has adopted a marginally unique strategy when taking a gander at the effect of budgetary help, instead of essentially thinking about the effect of expanded charges, with Dynarski (2000) finding that an expansion of $1,000 in help expanded the degree of support by 4%, accordingly demonstrating a more prominent affectability to help than it does from expanding expenses. Research does, nonetheless, recommend that both the accessibility of help and changes in education costs are directly affecting the readiness of people to take part in advanced education, yet the exact effect of the new UK changes in 2010 despite everything remain moderately unexplored. Research Philosophy, Strategy and Methodology The reason for this examination is to take a gander at the substance of quantitative changes and the effect that these have had on a person, to settle on choices comparable to investment in advanced education. Sort of Research As the key issues at the core of the exploration are to take a gander at the idea examples and practices of people, the fitting examination theory is interpretivist and phenomenological in nature, guaranteeing that the analyst considers the cognizant choices of the person. The thinking behind the choice to embrace this methodology depends on the acknowledgment that human dynamic is constrained by an assortment of components and not just founded on quantitative, judicious and target dynamic. The examination will be a blend of quantitative and subjective, as it is foreseen that an investigation of cooperation, for example, that inside the current writing can be embraced to decide the figures behind the change, yet it is likewise important to search for an engaging component to the exploration, with the goal that the idea examples of understudies can be broke down. This phenomenological approach is considerably more humanistic in nature and perceives that feeling will be fundamental to a definitive discoveries inside this examination; in any case, this ought to be embraced with a quantitative help structure, where suitable. Research Approach and Strategy The basic research approach is inductive in nature and includes taking a specific circumstance, for this situation the expansion in education costs, and creating general thoughts and hypotheses with regards to how this is probably going to affect on different various components of advanced education. This will incorporate seeing by and large degrees of cooperation, yet in addition at the effect which this has had on dynamic corresponding to which degree ought to be examined. This examination being inductive empowers the specialist to begin by taking a gander at the truthful premise of an expansion in expenses and afterward to spread out starting here, so as to assemble thoughts and speculations. Strategy The picked strategy along these lines will be to take a gander at the exact idea of the progressions and to recognize any patterns in cooperation between the two past increments in expenses and the year after the expansion in charges, something which can be accomplished by taking a gander at the figures and realities from different organizations, before then proceeding to adopt the humanistic strategy by attempted polls, meetings and center gatherings with understudies and potential understudies, to decide if the expansion in expenses prompts changes in dynamic corresponding to the decision obviously that can be credited to the figures that have been distinguished. Moral Implications There are a few key contemplations with regards to moral worries during exploration of any nature and, specifically, for this situation a significant number of which are recognized by Saunders et al., (2003). A portion of the moral contemplations which have potential ramifications for this exploration have been recognized, and the scientist is careful that other moral contemplations may emerge, dependent upon the situation. The primary worry at this stage is connected to the way that data should be picked up straightforwardly from the understudy comparable to their money related status and, all things considered, the security of those people is urgent, with people being sure that the data being given will be kept up in certainty, in spite of the fact that the exploration will be objective in nature when managing the data the members give. Support in the exploration should essentially be altogether willful, with any member being allowed to leave the examination anytime. Members should be sure about the motivation behind the exploration and the job which they play, just as offering them the chance to make changes to the reactions and to access their reactions, anytime, to watch that they have been accounted for precisely and make changes, on the off chance that they regard suitable. Information Collection Information assortment from essential sources, for example understudies and potential understudies, will be accumulated through the strategy for surveys, meetings and center gatherings and will target existing understudies and those understudies who are settling on their advanced education choice, right now, or within a reasonable time-frame. In general, accordingly, this will concentrate on the age class of 17 to 20 years of age, in spite of the fact that where conceivable, some progressively adult understudies will likewise be met, as they may have alternate points of view as far as their advanced education choices. The most proper type of information assortment for the polls has been resolved as being on the web, as this is probably going to support the best reaction, because of its adaptability and the probability that most of understudies and potential understudies will have in any event an adequate degree of IT experience to have the option to finish a survey on the web. As meetings will likewise be led, the way that the surveys will be on shut end addresses that can give quantitative examination doesn't present a specific constraint. A duplicate of the encased survey will be contained in the informative supplement to this proposition and the arrangement of the meetings and center gatherings will be equivalent to polls, yet reassuring longer and increasingly open finished reactions, so as to acquire a superior vibe for the idea designs behind the reactions. An aircraft tester of 10 surveys has been attempted and the reactions are contained in the addendum. Examination of Pilot Data The information gathered as a feature of the pilot is contained in the index and it is presumed that the inquiries are proper with regards to meeting the points and goals of the examination. By getting some information about their present situation as far as their training and whether they are as of now considering a college course just as taking a gander at the variables that are probably going to impact the choice, a more extensive comprehension of the impact of the expanded charges can be discovered. This survey will likewise frame the reason for the meetings and open-finished answers are relied upon corresponding to these inquiries, offering clarifications with respect to why certain answers have been given by the more extensive poll test. For instance, all the respondents expressed expense as an effect on their college decisions and 6 respondents expressed that it

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Schools Similar to Yale TKG

Schools Similar to Yale We’re exploring Yale as we continue our “Schools Like” series where we’ll highlight different popular, elite colleges (read: Ivies and reach schools) and give you a list of schools that we’ve found to be similar.Yale University is known for its undergraduate “experience.” But what does that really mean? To us, it speaks to the wide range of classes and extracurricular activities that Yale offers. The combination is what truly sets it apart and makes it such a unique place. The extracurricular activities that you choose at Yale very much shape your experience there, and the smaller group of students with whom you share interests and passions are the people who you spend a significant chunk of your time with and ultimately become your Yale community. Their residential college system also fosters a further sense of communityâ€"each college has its own Master, Dean, dining hall, library, etc. so you sort of exist and live at a college within a college from the beginning.New Haven, CT is not really anything to write home about. No offense. It has a lot of pizza options (there is a huge debate amongst students and nearby residents about Frank Pepe vs. Modern apizza vs. Sally’s), some great museums, and NYC is just a quick ride on the Metro-North away. But other than that, you’re going to Yale for Yale, and that’s what makes it such a special place to spend four years. That said, there are a number of schools that are a lot like that and we’ll break it down for you.  Yale’s StatsLocation: New   Haven, CT (small city)Size: ~5.4K undergraduatesFaculty to student ratio: 6:1  Schools Like Yale:Wesleyan UniversityLocation: Middletown, CTSize: ~3.2K undergraduatesWesleyan is a school that truly defines itself by its students in a way that few other colleges do. The range of student interest drives the energy on campus, and it’s indeed infectious. At Wesleyan your student community based on your interests will become your closest friends and allies, whether you join the college’s locally sourced food co-op, any of the college’s 40+ activism groups (ranging from Art for Social Change and Climate Ambassadors to Planned Parenthood and Radical Reading Group), or create your own independent organization or project, Wesleyan and Middletown will help you find your voice.  Washington University St. LouisLocation: St. Louis, MOSize: ~7.5K undergraduatesWash U is an incredible place. We personally and professionally love it. It has rapidly become a top tier school where everyone wants to be. St. Louis is a notable city with lots to do and the campus itself is gorgeous, situated a bit west of central St. Louis. There are a wide range of extracurricular activities and the professors are incredibly reputable. It's known to have one of the highest rates of student satisfaction and quality of lifeâ€"read: the student communities are self-driven and you have the opportunity to have a huge influence on your organizations and campus as a wh ole during your time there. Students are incredibly involved and take their extracurricular activities almost as seriously as they take their classes, in terms of scope and intensity. We find that students at Wash U. are motivated and inspired in every way that a person can be, which is always the goal.    Carnegie Mellon UniversityLocation: Pittsburgh, PASize: ~6.1K undergraduatesThe college is known best for its undergraduate and graduate drama and creative arts programs, much like Yale, but offers students a rigorous academic experience regardless of their liberal arts or even science focus (CMU’s engineering programs are world-renowned). Pittsburgh is also a city that has a mixed reputation, much like New Haven, but is known for its grit, personality, and as of late, incredibly innovative restaurant scene. The mood on campus is active and energetic but intense in the way that makes you feel like you’re definitely surrounded by changemakers. It’s exciting.  Wake Forest Univ ersityLocation: Winston-Salem, NCSize: ~5K undergraduatesWF is a sort of an intellectual haven that gets forgotten about because its students are so immersed in student life on campus. The campus itself is gorgeous, situated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The emphasis on undergraduate academics is notable: students can choose from a combination of any of the 35 majors and minors that the school offers. Some of the more unique programs are Elementary Education, Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Business and Enterprise Management (rare for a liberal arts school), or Cultural Heritage Preservation Studies, as well as others that cover your typical liberal arts academic landscape (think Anthro, Sociology, Political Science, Classics). This range draws a truly rare intersection of students, much like Yale does, that makes the campus buzz with curiosity.  Harvey Mudd CollegeLocation: Claremont, CASize: ~900 undergraduatesAh, Harvey Muddâ€"the creative STEM intellectual’s west coast par adise. Our students who apply to and attend Harvey Mudd are some of our most uniquely ambitious. Harvey Mudd’s emphasis on the overlap of science and liberal arts is executed in a way that we’ve found nowhere else. The school celebrates individuality while offering world-renowned programs in engineering, math, and science with a true liberal arts bend. At HMC you’ll find yourself studying amongst engineers who are actors and longboard around campus, mathematicians who play the drums and dabble in oil painting, and robotics experts who are combining that interest with their passion for media and cultural studies. The college is also one of the Claremont Colleges, which means that you can take classes at any of the four other colleges in the area: Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, Pomona and Scripps Colleges  Williams CollegeLocation: Williamstown, MASize: ~2K undergraduatesWilliams is also a residential college, similar to Yale, and their campus geographies have a lot in common. The e mphasis on student and teacher relationships is also similar to Yale’s focus on cultivating mentorship opportunities. While Williams is definitely the most remote of the colleges on this list, it’s worth considering mostly because of the cultural component. Williams has incredibly strong liberal arts and specifically arts-focused programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. The faculty: student ratio comes close to Yale’s at 7:1 and the majority of classes are under 20 students.  Wheaton CollegeLocation: Norton, MASize: ~1.6K undergraduatesWe like to think of Wheaton as a school that combines the best parts of Yale and Brown. Wheaton students are a little bit crunchy and a lot a bit intellectual, driven, creative, and eager to strive for change. The college’s proximity to both Boston (50 mins) and Providence (30 mins) makes it feel like a true scholarly sanctuary. This means that students aren’t running off to “the city” every night, making the social and ext racurricular scenes on campus varied and stimulating. Students who attend Wheaton enjoy the depth of academic creativity, something Yale students speak about as well. Students rave about Wheaton’s engaging “connections” curriculum which requires students to take courses (or create their own) that combine two seemingly disparate interests. For example: “Genes in Context” which links the two courses: Computer Science 242 (DNA) with Philosophy 111 (Ethics) or “Food” linking an anthropology and science course.  Northwestern UniversityLocation: Evanston, ILSize: ~8K undergraduatesNorthwestern students are true to their school and exercise a pride that runs deeper than most. The student culture on campus is undoubtedly competitive, due to its rigorous nature (and much like Yale in that sense), but the school emphasizes creativity and collaboration in such a way that it’s not cutthroat or aggressive. Students who attend Northwestern often go into creative or artistic fields , which Yale students often do as well. The school is also only 30 minutes from Chicago, which is a big plus.  Vassar CollegeLocation: Poughkeepsie, NYSize: ~2.5K undergraduatesVassar’s campus is truly lively and exciting in a way that you don’t expect when you roll up to quaint little Poughkeepsie, NY. Vassar is a place that’s more than meets the eye, which is why we personally love it so much. The extracurricular activities and wide range of student groups on campus is a thing to pay attention to, though. Because of the proximity to NYC and the heavily creative student body, the vast array of artistic exhibitions, musical performances, events, films, the list goes on, is truly impressive for a relatively small school. That also extends to its variety of student organizations, all fully student-run and covering interests as common as Improv and Debate, and as unique as Quidditch and The Camerata Ensemble. Vassar students are dedicated to expressing themselves, making it a liv ely and highly exciting place to be.Let us know if you have any questions after reading this. Of course, you might like Yale for a very specific reason that we haven’t delved into here, and we want to help you find a community that makes you feel excited and motivated. Call or email us and we’ll help you do just that.

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Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study - 1708 Words

Assignment Overview Prepare a report for the CEO about this situation in two parts: Part One: Respond to the specific questions on the worksheet that follows (100 points possible). Part Two: Write an executive summary for the CEO (100 points possible). PART ONE: Use the case materials to complete this assignment. ANALYSIS 1. Describe one (per instructors change week one) assumptions seen in any documents provided. a. Kelly Ââ€" Through several emails and communications, Kelly assume that there is not enough time to meet the deadline of August for the project. Even though Pat seems to show that, there is some chance to do so. b. Pat Ââ€" believes that an Operation Optimization project needs to be embarked on now to improve the†¦show more content†¦b. Pat Lambert Ââ€" in the position of marketing has a good grasp of the market place and the economics of their segment. With this information, Pat s arguments are sound and logical. c. Kelly Thomas Ââ€" arguments for the most part are emotional and unsound. Kelly seems to view the others are trying to remove power from him. d. Chris Martinas Ââ€" arguments seem to more emotional and some what sound. He is basing a lot on his experience as the VP of product and the understanding of the market segment and the limitation of the current product. 4. Describe specific fallacious arguments, and identify the people who hold them. a. There are several in the company that believe that the new product will increase the companies market share and stay in front of their competitors. The stakeholders for the new product are Chris, Cliff, and Pat. Cliff, being the CEO, has directed the others to venture to other market segments and position the new product in those markets. There are some in the organization, like Kelly that believe that AcuScan does not have to have a full feature new product to be released to the market. There are some issues with how Acuscan is going to finance the new product. These concerns are coming from Cliff. CONCLUSIONS 5. Describe all problems in this situation. The largest issue is the deadline that has been imposed by what some inside information about the company s competitors. This along with economical issues and reduced budget hasShow MoreRelatedCompany Assessment: Acuscan2884 Words   |  11 PagesCompany Assessment: AcuScan Part One Analysis Describe all assumptions seen in any of documents provided in the case study. For full credit, provide AT MINIMUM: four to six assumptions held by Kelly; six to nine assumptions held by Pat; two to three assumptions held by Cliff; two to three assumptions held by Chris. Kelly Kellys assumptions include the idea that customers will not be interested in accepting a staged rollout of any new product, that Pat is too manipulative when it comes to ChrisRead MoreGen/480 Case Study3198 Words   |  13 Pagesbetween Kelly and Pat. He has left it to them to work it out. 2. Explain the arguments made by each of these people. Explanations should be comprised of two to six sentences for each of the following. e. Cliff O’Connor As the CEO of AcuScan, Cliff’s primary goal is to keep the company profitable and growing. The company is loosing market share as the products are limited to specific markets and becoming a commodity. Cliff’s job is to turn the company from this downward shift to become

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Using PHP to Display Random Quotes

One way to add a random quote to your website is to use the PHP switch () statement. The switch statement compares one variable with many values and executes one piece of code depending on the value it equals. This allows you to prepare a list of quotations and then use the rand () function to select a number randomly that corresponds to one of the quotations.   Using Switch to Display Random Quotes This example code demonstrates how to use switch () to display a random quote on your website. Each of the sample quotes is set to run when  its number is chosen. By using rand () to choose a random number, one of the quotes is displayed at random. This example accommodates only six quotations, hence the rand (1,6) entry.   To add more quotes, you change the rand () function to allow for higher numbers and then add in their corresponding cases in the code. If you want to include a random quote on your PHP web page, use include () to pull the quote from this file, like this:

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Essay about Girl/Woman Work Socio-Historical Critique

Claudette Woodhouse Professor Lea Ann Douglas English 112 29 October 2011 Any and everything can influence a work of literature. Life experiences, life choices, political events, time periods, or even time eras. In lieu of this concept it can be assumed that an interesting life may produce interesting poetry or stories. Two phenomenal women, Maya Angelou and Jamaica Kincaid portray two different points of view in their works of literature. A lot of things can contribute to their differences, but in particularly their upbringing is a major cause of their variances. In Jamaica Kincaid’s â€Å"Girl,† a young girl has the â€Å"rules of the world† drilled into her head by her scolding mother while in Maya Angelou’s â€Å"Woman Work† a mother faces the†¦show more content†¦In my opinion you can assume that Jamaica Kincaid at some point was a young adolescent being taught the rules of the world and once becoming a woman of age away from her mother’s control she took it upon herself to break away and express her self. Upon reading â€Å"Girl† you can feel a great deal of oppression yet wisdom from the words of the mother. According to Maya Jaggi, Jamaica Kincaid felt as though her mother should never have had children. She felt as though that her mother didn’t care for her children when they flourished, only when they were down, or when they needed her most (Jaggi). This could explain the seemingly harsh tone of the mother in â€Å"Girl† when she blatantly refers to her daughter as a slut (Kincaid 47). Due to the fact that this is a circumstance where there is a lesson to be learned and not a need to pacify her daughter, it can assumed to describe the relationship that Jamaica Kincaid most likely had with her very own mother. In my opinion many can agree that despite the mother’s harsh and blunt tone the advice she gives is ultimately valuable. Her advice not only relates to behavior that a young lady should observe as a young adolescent but also as an adult and how to handle certain situations. As mentioned before, Kincaid felt as though her mother only felt obligated to express the sensitivity a mother should show whenShow MoreRelatedThe, China, And Post Mao China Essay1453 Words   |  6 Pagesrelated to redistribution of property, collectivism experiments, and land reforms. China’s early cinema industry represented these changes through films such as the Goddess, the Red Detachment Woman, and Farewell my Concubine. Each of these films represented societal shifts in the country during three unique historical periods. For instance, the Goddess is a representation of the economic, social, and political changes in the country during the Republic China period. Similarly, the Red Detachment o f WomenRead MoreLanguage : Tool Of Empowerment Essay2280 Words   |  10 Pagesempowerment. On the other hand, words that convey a negative meaning may instill images of pain, sorrow or injustice. George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion is an ultimate portrayal of the significance of language in society. More specifically, Shaw aims to critique his concurrent society’s exploitation of women and the working class via his renowned play. However, the irony lies in that though Shaw’s play seem to criticize gender and class inequality, the ambiguity by which he paints his characters may be misunderstoodRead MoreConflicts of Race, Class and Gender Under the Hidden Patriarchal System on Dance Moms2951 Words   |  12 Pagesrelates to class both of which I theorize in depth. Both an empirical approach and feminist approach have been applied to this paper. A feminist approach was vital in understanding the various feminist discourses on the program for each woman speaks a different feminist language causing a clash within what is actually a patriarchal system all the mothers are working under. This is important since historically in media, men have been the ones to have power and women are portrayed as subservientRead MoreThe Oldest Jest by Jennifer Johnston1010 Words   |  4 PagesAscendancy. First Good Behaviour closely mirrors Keane’s life in the Big House society yet is a dark reflection of her life in Aroon St. Charles with her lack of letting go of the past, acceptance of the collapse of the family estate, and not maturing as a woman in modern Ireland. Johnston’s â€Å"The Old Jest with its spacious suburban houses, its host of British Army people and assorted gentry portray a way of life that is very close to that of the Big House† (Mortimer 210). The novel also shows how her lifeRead MoreJeanette Winterson Boating for Beginners3918 Words   |  16 Pagesmost controversial yet innovative fiction writers. Postmodernist techniques , modernist tradition, metafiction and magical realism are, however, mere instruments that Winterson deftly combines with a strong political commitment aimed at subverting socio-cultural power structures and ultimately, at appropriating traditionally male-defined concepts for her lesbian politics. She self-consciously questioned the mechanisms by which narratives texts are produced and partaken of a clear penchant of fantasyRead MoreSports17369 Words   |  70 Pagesof this work may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, microfilm, and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Printed in the United States of America. Routledge, Tay lor Francis Group, 270 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. IM-1826 CONTENTS Introduction Chapter 1. Introduction to Sports, Sportscasters, and Sportscasting Chapter 2. The Historical DevelopmentRead MoreSports17363 Words   |  70 Pagesof this work may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, microfilm, and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Printed in the United States of America. Routledge, Taylor Francis Group, 270 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. IM-1826 CONTENTS Introduction Chapter 1. Introduction to Sports, Sportscasters, and Sportscasting Chapter 2. The Historical DevelopmentRead MoreExplain Juvenile Delinquency in Terms of Hirschi†S Social Bonding Theory, with Special Reference to the Case Study6009 Words   |  25 PagesHIRSCHI†S SOCIAL BONDING THEORY, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE CASE STUDY Table of Contents Content Introduction Overview of Travis Hirschis Social Bond Theory Applying Hirschi’s Social Bonding Theory to the Case of Susan Fryberg Critique of Self-Control Theory Summary Conclusion References Introduction In this assignment I will try to explain juvenile delinquency in terms of Hirschi’s social bonding theory, with special reference to the case studyRead MoreCultural Anthropology6441 Words   |  26 Pagestype of community - each sign language is cultural, requires understanding of culture it comes from. Language Thought and Society: October 28, 2010 Sapir-Whorf: language determines how we see the world, behaviour, people speak differently Socio linguistics: social position determines meaning, content + form of language â€Å"..think in the language, ESL, learn to think in a language, understand, speak.† Critical Discourse Analysis: Focus is on the relations of power and inequality in languageRead MoreExistentialism vs Essentialism23287 Words   |  94 Pagesstruggles and freedoms that humans must endure, or perhaps embrace. Despite the various and often conflicting views held by many existentialist philosophers, there are several main concepts of existentialism that are present in virtually all their works: 1. Sentient beings, especially humans, have free will. 2. Humans are responsible for the consequences of their decisions. 3. Extremely few, if any, decisions are void of negative consequence. 4. Even when part of a group, each person

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Management Accounting Management

Questions: 1. Discuss the purpose of management accounting and the relative Importance of using management accounting tools over financial accounting, for furthering companys growth and profit. 2. Explain different classification of costs namely on the basis of type, function, behaviour and relevance and the implications of the cost classification for pricing. 3. Analyse the importance of cost volume profit, in decision making. 4. Discuss the benefits of preparing budgets for the company and suggest the types of budgets to be prepared, to forecast future performance of the company. Answers: Introduction The success of every business organization depends upon its management of its operational costs (Drury, 2012). The concept of management accounting plays a major role for the success of the modern business organization. The given report will reflect the importance of management accounting on the business organization AVN Plc. 1. Discussion on the purpose of management accounting and importance of management accounting tools over financial accounting for further growth of company Management accounting plays an important part for managing the cost and future strategic purposes of the modern business organizations. It mainly deals with the internal decisions of the firm. The management of the organization AVN Plc can take several strategic decisions based on the different internal problems of the firm. The tools and techniques of management accounting are cost sheets, cash budgets, forecasted cash flows, discounted cash flows, etc. Financial accounting is a wider concept and it deals with the internal and external business decisions. The main merit of management accounting is that it helps in analyzing the internal business decisions concerning cash flows, reduction of operational expenses, improvement of cash flows and operating budget planning. The focus and function of management accounting is on the pricing policies concerning the operational decisions of the organization. Therefore, the organization AVN Plc needs to focus on the techniques of management ac counting to make their pricing strategy effective in terms of competitive advantage. The firm can also increase their financial returns with effective implication of management accounting tools. The main possible advantage of management accounting is that expenses can be reduced. The profitability and sustainability of the business firm AVN Plc will depend upon its capability of reducing the expenses and upon their respective pricing strategy (Epstein and Lee, 2011). Therefore, growth of the firm depends upon its management accounting systems. 2. Explanation on different classification of costs based on type, function and behavior and implications of cost classification pricing There are various types of costs present within the internal business environment of a firm. Because of behavioral nature, the different types of costs can be in the form of fixed, variable and semi-variable costs. Fixed costs are those, which remain fixed throughout the financial year. Example- Wages, factory rent, etc. Variable costs are those, which fluctuate on the due course of time. Some examples of variable costs are office and administration expenses, marketing expenses, etc. On the contrary, semi-variable costs are those,w hich have the behavioral nature of both fixed and variable costs. One example of semi-variable costs is salaries of managers. Costs can also be classified based on function. These are in the form of production costs, financial costs, marketing and selling costs, research and development costs, office and administrative costs, etc. Some examples of production costs are direct labor, direct wages, etc. Financial costs include different forms of operational expenses, etc. In case of different types of costs are direct and indirect expenses (Horngren and Horngren, 2012) The below table reflects on the classification of costs based on their respective function and different types of costs:- Functional costs Different Types of costs Costs on the basis of Behavior 1.Financial costs 1. Direct costs Fixed Cost 2. Production Costs 2. Indirect Costs Variable Cost 3. Office and administration costs Semi-variable cost 4. Marketing and selling costs 5.Costs related to research and development costs Table 1: Different types of costs based on function, type and behavior (Source: Horngren, 2011) The given table reflects about the different types of costs that the business organization can incur. Based on the given costs, the firm AVN Plc can determine their respective pricing strategies (Bebbington and Thomson, 2013) 3. Analysis of importance of cost volume profit in decision making The three most crucial elements of business decision making is cost, volume and profit. With the help of CVP analysis, a business organization can determine the rate of operating leverage and allocation of fixed and variable costs. The percentage of sales levels and sales volumes required for the sustainability of the business can also be done through the analysis of cost volume and profit analysis. With the analysis of cost and volume of the selling units of the business will help to determine the profitability portion of the firm. The business organization AVN Plc can also determine the total percentage of break-even point in sales through effective utilization of cost volume profit analysis. The total amount of range of activity can also be determined with the assist of given analysis. The business firm AVN Plc can also implement their respective pricing strategy through the analysis of CVP. Per unit costs of product will be assessed by the firm with the help of the technique of c ost-volume and profit. Contribution per unit and marginal analysis are another two advantages of this technique that will assist the firm in case of business decision making. Therefore, it is concluded that the given tool of CVP technique is essential for a business firm like AVN Plc in case of decision-making (John, 2012) 4. Benefits of budget and suggestion of different types of budget to forecast performance of the firm There are various benefits of the process of budgeting. These are in terms of forecast of operational costs and implementing various decisions based on the given tool of budgeting process. The process of planning and managing operations starts with the preparation of budgeting process. Different types of allocation of operating cash and reviewing and monitoring the performance of the organizations can also are done through the process of financial budgeting process. Apart from this, controlling and measurement of cost variances is also evaluated through effective utilization of cost variances and expenditure of budgeting process. The management of the organization can also coordinate with all the respective departments through implementation of budgetary process. In the present business scenario, there are several of types of financial budget. These are cash budget, production budget, operational budget, cash flow budget, etc. All the given budgets have different forms of utilities i n accordance to the decision making purpose of the organizations to forecast the future activities (Horngren, 2011) Conclusion The report concludes that management accounting is a crucial aspect for an organization AVN Plc in making different pricing strategies and minimizes the cost of operations. The success of the organization will depend in what manner the organization can implement the tools of management accounting within their system. References Chenhall, R. (2012). Developing an Organizational Perspective to Management Accounting.Journal of Management Accounting Research, 24(1), pp.65-76. .Bebbington, J. and Thomson, I. (2013). Sustainable development, management and accounting: Boundary crossing.Management Accounting Research, 24(4), pp.277-283 Nixon, B. and Burns, J. (2012). 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